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Wide range of reference materials from cars to guns
Human Surface Anatomy
Gray's anatomy
A great resource for human anatomy reference
A great resource for vehicle reference & blueprints
SMALL Vintage Car Blueprints



The Art of Poly Modelling
Poly Modelling a Head by the Hobbit Guy
Modelling a Suburu
The art of rounding corners on nurbs models
Creating fillets without using a fillet tool
Poly Head Tutorial
Nurbs Modelling
Modeling a giraffe with Polygons
Sub-D Head Modelling
Quake Models in Maya

Modelling a person from a cylinder
Human Head Shading
Modelling a head from a cube
Patch Modelling a head
Modelling the human head
Modeling a human body
Modelling Frankenstein
Modelling a Human Head with Maya Subdivisions
Hair for 3D Characters

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